» DOORWAYS: A Personal “Portal” Project. Updated.

DOORWAYS: A Personal “Portal” Project. Updated.


Inspiration from Eclecticism

A visit to Dunkirk in France inspired me to shoot some of the many doors on the houses, cafes and bars facing the English Channel.

It triggered a new personal project, "Project Doorways" and now I'm hunting down doorways wherever I go and snapping them.

The Second Iteration

Find below the first and second set of my doorways, the new shots updating my ongoing mission to photograph "portals" from all my travels. I hope you like the update and don't forget to check back soon or sign up to my email newsletter for regular updates.

It's not always obvious what triggers a little photographic inspiration, but in this case inspiration came when walking along the seafront in Dunkirk I was rather taken by the eclectic range of front doors on the seafront. These Dunkirk Doorways were all very, erm, "French" and as I shot in autumn, have that flat, lustreless look often seen in sad-looking seaside towns, as inhabitants prepare for winter.

In this project, I aim to shoot doorways and "portals" in general, so I have since been keeping an eye on front doors wherever I go. The next set of images will appear here soon, so please check back soon.

In the meantime, I hope you like the shots.

Thanks for reading, and don't forget to sign up to my blog and email newsletter below.


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