Free Photo Clinic, Buy Gift Vouchers & Photography Masterclasses

FREE Photography Clinic “Drop In” at The Creative Collective Do you have questions about your camera? Fancy a chat about your work, need some advice on what camera to buy or do you want to find out more about photography? Then pop in to The Creative Collective  between 10am and 1pm on September 17th, no need for an appointment I. Doug will be on hand to help. You might … Read More

50 Photo Projects to Try before You Die. 1. Creative Silhouettes

Shoot Stunning Silhouettes In the first of a series of 50 photo project blogs to “try before you die” we kick of with Silhouettes. Silhouettes are by definition, a photograph where you deliberately under expose the main subject against a bright background for a deliberate and very specific effect. Of course, a correct “normal” exposure for a subject when creating a silhouette, would mean you don’t get the … Read More

Hayley Orange Studio Portrait Shoot

Hayley Orange Empett – Studio Portraits I had a superb studio portrait shoot yesterday with the lovely local personal fitness trainer Hayley Orange Empett, which was a shoot forming the first part of creating a set of images for her all-new, soon-to-be-launched website. This studio shoot forms the first of a two-part shoot, the second of which has, disappointingly, been rained off (bleeding’ raining again! Come on!) but … Read More

Eiffel Tower Views

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A Parisian Start My recent trip to the Provence in France started with a couple of days in Paris, where the obligatory visit to the Eiffel Tower inspired some thoughts of trying to get views of the Tower that are, well, less usual. Here is a selection of some images from Paris and the Eiffel Tower but of a more unusual nature. I wanted to try … Read More

Fast, Advanced Sharpening Tip for Lightroom

Advanced Sharpening in Tip for Lightroom One of the things I see a lot at my Ashford studio, particularly when assessing my pupil’s work is, more often than not, over-sharpened images. With that in mind, here’s a quick, advanced sharpening technique that’s easy to do in Lightroom (LR) that allows you to sharpen an image more aggressively but in a way that can give improved punch without over emphasising … Read More

Wye Downs and the panoramic views towards Ashford.

Wye Downs, Kent a Panoramic View I was out early this morning with the dog and popped up to Wye Downs, camera in hand (as always) and a clear, bright morning with suitable photogenic clouds scudding in from the west, add in the amazing vista from the top of Wye Downs and it made it ideal for a few photographs. The spot I chose is above the old firing … Read More