Stonehenge, Guys & St Thomas’ and the Manacle Maiden…

New Imagery. A New Partnership Here are few of the images I have worked on, some new and some older as I go through my work to help get images sorted for new partnership Capture and Create, a company set up with Photoshop expert and pro photographer Sue Chapman ARPS, CPAGB to give luxury photography retreats for our clients and for several upcoming projects including an exhibition, … Read More


A New Photography Project… “Doorways” Inspiration has arrived (again) and I’ve started a new project, the first instalment is… Photographing doorways. Yes, before you ask, I do have an anorak! Seriously, I was inspired by a visit to Dunkirk in France, where the rather eclectic mix of sea-facing doorways took my interest as I wandered down the seafront on a rather grey and sombre afternoon, and I thought, “what could … Read More

Street Life – Street Photography

Street Photography “In photography, the smallest thing can be a great subject. The little, human detail can become a Leitmotiv”: Henri Cartier-Bresson. Sometimes called ‘reportage’, Street Photography is, seemingly, one of the simplest forms of the photographic art but doing it successfully or, perhaps, doing it to your satisfaction, can be something way more challenging. Bresson’s (incidentally, he’s one of my biggest inspirations in photography ) quote above  is … Read More

Hayley Orange Empett Sports Portraits Continued

Hayley’s Second Shoot: The Outdoor Portraits This is the second instalment of the sports portraits I have shot for personal trainer Hayley Orange Empett, the first lot I blogged on September 15th. These are the outdoor shots needed for Hayley’s marketing and new website and complement the studio work we did. Hayley does a lot of the personal fitness training outdoors; she uses the countryside as part of … Read More

Doug Harman Photography in Provence

  Photography in Provence At last, the blog of my work in Provence earlier in the year has arrived, with some neat shots (I would say that though, wouldn’t I?) and a few top tips too. It’s not for nothing that artists have, for hundreds of years travelled to Provence, Southern France to pursue their art; the light is wonderful, the skies are clear (thanks largely to … Read More

Blood Moon on Monday

Lunar Eclipse and a Super Blood Moon Did you see this morning’s stunning, so-called “Blood Moon” effect during the lunar eclipse? I did and I tried to get some images at just before 4am this morning. So just what is a Blood Moon? During a lunar eclipse the Moon passes within Earth’s shadow or  umbra and as the eclipse progresses and Earth’s shadow travels across the face of the moon’s disk … Read More

Hayley Orange Studio Portrait Shoot

Hayley Orange Empett – Studio Portraits I had a superb studio portrait shoot yesterday with the lovely local personal fitness trainer Hayley Orange Empett, which was a shoot forming the first part of creating a set of images for her all-new, soon-to-be-launched website. This studio shoot forms the first of a two-part shoot, the second of which has, disappointingly, been rained off (bleeding’ raining again! Come on!) but … Read More

Lavender: Paris and Provence Gallery

Paris, Provence and Lavender Gallery Updated It’s a short and sweet blog today ladies and gents, because it’s a busy Sunday for me, but I just wanted to share another image from my new Paris and Provence gallery with images of lavender fields, sunflowers, and Paris landmark. I hope you like the gallery. There’s more to follow and don’t forget to check out the rest of my work and … Read More

La Defence – Architectural Views

La Defence As part of my recent journey down to Provence in July, I stopped off in Paris for a few days (some Eiffel Tower images, I already blogged here) and visited La Defence. Unfortunately, the famous Grande Arche is closed for (what looks like serious) refurbishment, but it is still a fantastic place to shoot architectural views, so I did! Architectural Views From the steps in front the … Read More

Eiffel Tower Views

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A Parisian Start My recent trip to the Provence in France started with a couple of days in Paris, where the obligatory visit to the Eiffel Tower inspired some thoughts of trying to get views of the Tower that are, well, less usual. Here is a selection of some images from Paris and the Eiffel Tower but of a more unusual nature. I wanted to try … Read More

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