Doug Harman Photography Blog – September 2016

Ready to Set Sail with Capture and Create It’s been a busy time here over the summer months because I have built with my business partner Sue Chapman ARPS CAPGB. The new business venture, Capture and Create provides luxury photography teaching holidays, retreats and cruises. The new Capture and Create website is live (so pop over for a peek) and now has a full suite of information on all the various … Read More

50 Photo Projects to Try before You Die. 1. Creative Silhouettes

Shoot Stunning Silhouettes In the first of a series of 50 photo project blogs to “try before you die” we kick of with Silhouettes. Silhouettes are by definition, a photograph where you deliberately under expose the main subject against a bright background for a deliberate and very specific effect. Of course, a correct “normal” exposure for a subject when creating a silhouette, would mean you don’t get the … Read More

Shooting The Storm and Seascapes

Shooting the Storm Some of the best images you will ever take are when you least expect it, or at least in situations where things seem less than promising, at least at first. One of the ways to improve the odds of getting an amazing shot is to move into an environment where outside your comfort zone; shooting bad or stormy weather is one such situation. First you must … Read More


A New Photography Project… “Doorways” Inspiration has arrived (again) and I’ve started a new project, the first instalment is… Photographing doorways. Yes, before you ask, I do have an anorak! Seriously, I was inspired by a visit to Dunkirk in France, where the rather eclectic mix of sea-facing doorways took my interest as I wandered down the seafront on a rather grey and sombre afternoon, and I thought, “what could … Read More

Arrival in Provence

Marketplace Aups, Provence. On arrival in Provence (Aix en Provence) to photograph the amazing landscape of lavender and sunflowers around the Plateau de Valensole, meant 35-degrees of heat, the ratchet of loud cicadas. First stop to get supplies meant the bustle of Aups’ wonderful Wednesday market. Spices, trinkets, bags and hats, everything the discerning tourist might want. Some cash, food and water  later, I snapped some shots … Read More