Doug's Best Selling The Digital Photography Handbook

On The Authorship of The Digital Photography Handbook

London | Quercus Publishing |

Doug Harman’s Digital Photography Handbook

I would say, as Publishing Director of Quercus since its founding, that the success and profile of Doug Harman’s The Digital Photography Handbook has definitely played its part in helping Quercus grow. Specifically I would say that:

As one of our first books that sold consistently from publication it has helped to provide cash to invest in our expansion and other books.

As the book was probably the first Quercus book to top its category (… the number 1 selling photography book in the UK for several years), then of course that raises the Quercus profile, particularly amongst booksellers which is key to us, and again very helpful in our early start-up phase.

We have also sold the book in many countries, which helps raise our international profile.

Quercus is now very well know for Stieg Larsson’s best-selling Dragon Tattoo trilogy, but before that was acquired, it was books like Doug’s that were helping to build the foundations of our company.
Wayne Davies
Publishing Director – Quercus Books